Hallicrafters Manuals

All manuals were scanned at 8.5x11 size and 200 DPI resolution, except for large-format schematics, which I've scanned at 11x17, if they fit, else multiple 8.5x11 pages, at 300 DPI.

Use the Find in Page function of your browser to find the manual you want. Note that there are bunch of Service Bulletins at the bottom of this page, so be sure to get all of the relevant documents for your rig! Send me mail at if you find any missing links or other problems.

Citizen's Band and Commercial Two-Way Radios

FBM- Transceivers

HA- Transmitter Accessories

HT- Transmitters

P- Power Supplies

S- Receivers

SR- Transceivers

SX- Receivers

TW- Portable Receivers

Home Entertainment Equipment

Service Bulletins